Pedro’s Motivation


There is something wonderfully contagious about a person who is hopeful and passionate. Someone who takes risks and uses their unique skills to contribute value to their world. I want to encourage these people. Help them and their ideas be seen. Help form their unique story. Add my passion and skills for beautiful and excellent design to their story. For they are the people who pioneer into the unknown, who inspire culture and shape history; humanities great narrative.



What's this all about?


Pedro Creative is a design studio focused on helping small businesses & entrepreneurs make their ideas look amazing.

To quote the design legend Paul Rand - "Design is so simple, that's why it's so complicated."

Pedro's goal is to take the complicated off your shoulders and give you distinctive and simple solutions to your visual communications. 

To substantiate an idea, we journey through what I call an 'Embodiment' Process...

It's a process that helps give confidence, purpose and direction in packaging up and presenting your ideas appropriately and attractively. Enabling the best possible chance for its success.




The bones and structure to who and what you are.

What identifies you? What makes you different? Are you clear in what and who you are? Why are you doing this? Why do you exist? Why do people want and need what you are offering?

My goal is to help you clarify who you are, so you can present yourself with confidence and boldness.




Putting some meat to the bones, creating a personality, a distinction.

I believe that the clarity of your identity is essential to your success. Confidence in what your purpose is and integrity in the communication of who you are, are the foundations to building lasting trust. I seek to help clarify and define who you are, so that you can purposefully and boldly tell your story to your intended market. Branding is the process of making educated and purposeful decisions and distinctions as to what you 'look' like. Focusing on discussing the key brand vectors of your environment, communications, behaviour and product/service.

Wally Olins - A hero in the brand and identity world, broke the illusive concept of branding in to what he called the ‘4 brand vectors’. These pretty much encompass the whole ‘person’ of a brand. The more coherent and purposeful an organisation is through the 4 vectors the more successful the brand. They are, Environment, Culture, Product/service and Communication.

Pedro specialises on the communications vector. Pedro’s focus is on helping create a visual language and personality to your business and ideas. 

Pedro does work with and recommend other excellent specialists who focus on the other vector areas. If your looking for consultation in all the areas do get in touch.




Culture / Behaviour


Product / Service




Putting some appropriate clothes on. The kind that your identity can boldly express its personality in the way your market will receive.

I believe design is a necessity not a luxury, essential for any organisations growth and impact. 

Contextualising your brand identity and messages in attractive and appropriate ways for your audience, crafting excellent designs across a range of print and digital media from merchandise to websites and packaging to posters, and endeavouring to 'package you up' in such a way that you're excited to show the world.



Working with Pedro


The process I work with is relational, purposeful and creative. I seek to draw out as much of your expertise and passion as possible. To identify who you are, what your messages are and deliver bold designs that communicate clearly and confidently.

Stage 1

1. Brief Writing

This is where we work out what you are looking for and agree upon goals, direction and costs. 

Stage 2

2. Who are you? - Brand Identity

This is where we talk about you, who you are, what you offer, what makes you different etc. Helping refine and define your identity and position in the market you sit. 

A highly interactive and vision based part of the process. 

Stage 3

3. Looking Distinctive - Visualising 

This is where the crafting of your visual language and identity takes place. Visualising and Identifying the visual requirements for your identity and brand. Logos, typeface, layout, imagery style etc are decided here. 

Stage 4

4. Contextualising - Design

This is were we put you and your messages in appropriate contexts for your audience. Design such as websites, print media, social media and digital design… what ever speaks to your people. 



Pedro’s values


The values at Pedro permeate everything we do. They are the foundations on which we build from. We believe that what we do comes from what we are at our core. Who we are perceived to be must be inline to the values that we hold, for trust and integrity to be built.

We believe the manor in which you do something determines the quality and longevity to its success. We believe the values Pedro is built upon solid foundations that helps deliver excellent and quality outcomes and a throughly enjoyable journey in doing so.



Committing ourselves to professional creative integrity to the finest detail.


Respecting and utilising the strengths and experience of those we work with.


Taking risks and looking to push and try new creative solutions.


It's said, 'He with the most hope has the most influence.' Positive excitement helps things grow.


Each person and idea is unique, each have different needs. Adaptability is essential.